Specific objectives of the Programme

The PhD program in Advanced Therapies for Health (PATH) at the University of Minho aims at the advanced training of highly interdisciplinary graduate professionals needed to develop new advanced therapies for the large array of unmet clinical needs. The PATH program is proposed by the ICVS/3B’s Associate Laboratory, and supported by the research units ICVS and 3B’s both classified as excellent by the FCT. The ICVS/3B’s proposes this unique PhD program in Portugal, covering from basic cell biology research - including stem cells, biomaterials, tissue engineering, biocompatibility and nanomedicine to medical translation using highly advanced therapies and minimally invasive surgery.

ICVS/3B’s provides excellent conditions both for research and advanced training together with the international partners of EXPERTISSUES EEIG and its vertical integration in the development of advanced therapies ensures the high scientific level of PATH. This will also involve mobility of the graduate students into scientifically excellent partners in international institutions with which there are stable and long-term ongoing collaborations.

This program aims at attracting the most skilled and ambitious graduate students in areas that range from materials, chemistry and biomedical engineering, basic sciences - including biology and biochemistry, to various backgrounds in health sciences including pharmacy, veterinary sciences, dentistry or medical sciences. Given the breadth of topics linking the various research fields involved, PATH aims at providing an in-depth training in the specific areas of activity of the ICVS/3B’s and of the international partners. It is also aimed at providing hands-on lab contact with the most competitive and promising niches identified at the interfaces of the involved institutions.