International Collaborations

PATH is grounded in a strong multidisciplinary cooperation between teams that is granted by the ICVS/3B’s structure and by the network of active international partners.

The primary international collaborations of PATH are those of the Expertissues EEIG members, namely: Minna Kellomäki (Tampere, Finland), Heinz Redl (Vienna, Austria), Charles James Kirkpatrick (Mainz, Germany), Ralph Müller (Zurich, Switzerland), Claudio Migliaresi (Trento, Italy), Paul Hatton (Sheffield, UK), Daniel Cohn (Jerusalem, Israel) , Alicia El Haj (Keele, UK), Ranieri Cancedda (Genoa, Italy) and Julio San Roman (Madrid, Spain).

The international partners are particularly relevant for PATH, since it is expected that the PATH PhD students will be enrolled and will contribute to maintain active and nourish the collaborations with those international partners. In particular, the 3B’s has established long-term and active collaborative partnerships with national and international Academic partners worldwide such as: Johannes Guttenberg Univ., Germany; Univ. of Liverpool, UK; Twente Univ., N; Queensland University of Technology, Australia; Rice Univ., US; Univ. of Toronto, Canada; Kyoto and Chubu Univ., Japan; Ludwig Boltzmann Inst. Trauma, AU; Northwestern Univ., US; Univ. of Genova and Univ. of Trento, I; AIST and Tokyo Women's Medical Univ., Japan; Univ. of Basel, SW; Tufts Univ., US; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US; Wake Forest Univ., US; and Chonbuk National Univ., Korea.

The ICVS has active international collaborations with leading labs in Europe and US, namely: INRA and CNRS – F; LUMC – N; LMU-Muenchen, UTUB-IPTC and MPG – D; IEM-HAS – Hungary; KI – Sweden; ISS and IRFMN – I; IFPAN – Poland; IMROH – Croatia; TUBITAK MAM and KSL – Turkey; INTERES – UK; Univ. S. Paulo, Brazil; CHOP and Cleveland Clinic, US.